The History of Perry in Cambridgeshire

Historical notes about the town of Perry in Cambridgehsire.

The Parish of Perry

The parish of Perry was formed in the mid 1960's after the construction of the reservoir of Grafham Water severed the connection between the village of Grafham and it's adjoining settlements of East Perry, which than were little more than a few scattered agricultural holdings. The history of the parish is therefore an amalgam of notes relating to the two, once divided, Perry's

East Perry

To the east of East Perry is Grafham Farm, an early 17th-century timber-framed house with tiled roof and modern additions.

West Perry

At West Perry, the other hamlet further north-east, is the Manor Farm, a moated brick house of the 16th century partially rebuilt in modern time. It may have been the manor house of the representative of one of the coheirs of Dillington manor when the manor was divided into moieties.

Victoria County History - Published 1932